Easily Resolve iTunes Unknown Error 28 on iPhone 4S

An iTunes is of course a perfect application to backup all users data on iPhone, iPad or iPod. But, under certain condition the application fails and does not work properly. Thus, user receives many error messages while needing to sync iPhone or any other Mac devices to the iTunes. Mostly the iTunes issues or errors occurs because of security software installed in users PC. Normally, the security program hides iTunes connection with the iDevices or Internet. However, there are many more different reasons that result into tons of iTunes errors. In such case iPhone data recovery software is very helpful to users in bringing back the missing iPhone data.

One of the common iTunes error faced by many iPhone users is error 28. Imagine a situation, when one day you were doing some task on your iPhone 4S then suddenly the iPhone freezes and when you restarted your iPhone you get a logo for connection to iTunes in recovery mode. Then you tried to restore your iPhone data but instead you get an error 28.

You may encounter error 28 in your iPhone 4s due to the interference of security software with the update or restore process. Moreover, in some rare cases the error may also occur because of problem in hardware.

Fix iTunes unknown error 28

Thus, in order to fix iTunes unknown error 28 on your iPhone 4S try the following methods:

  1. Get newest version of iTunes.
  2. Install latest operating system and update the security software.
  3. Carefully clean the charging port of your iPhone.
  4. Use some other USB cable or even different computer system.
  5. Replace or charge the battery.
  6. Replace the charging port assembly.

However, even though the above method fix iTunes unknown error 28 and you successfully restore your iPhone 4S, you will require a reliable third party tool to restore all your data back on iPhone. The iPhone data recovery software is a fantastic tool to get back all your lost data on iPhone easily and quickly after extracting the iTunes backup. The software is very easy to operate by any technical or non-technical user without any hassle. It recovers all types and formats of data from any iPhone, iPod or iPad versions.